KAWASAKI DRIFTER 800 is an old-styled cruiser, produced by the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company. Kawasaki drifter 800 is more stylistic and well-executed motorcycle. For the end of 20th century, Kawasaki has seen fit to wade into the increasingly popular cruiser middleweight class, with an additional model–the midsized Vulcan 800 Drifter. This motorcycle admires us by luxurious pre-war styling with full, sweeping fenders and a blacked-out finish on the fork, jugs and much of the metalwork.

There is lot of more attractive features in Drifter 800 such as, the rear end which is designed as triangulated, single-shock swingarm, which more effectively conceals the rear shock for a hardtail sleight-of-hand. The front and rear fenders cover about half of the respective wheel, and are more visually attractive. The seats are comfortable, but as throwing a leg over the Drifter yielded a bouncy feeling under your bum. The Drifter is first and foremost a cruiser and a softly focused suspension is standard issue. The taller rides can be easily fit into the floorboards from the seat. The width of handle bar is 33 inches wide and it is little low-rise type. Thus, it provides an easy grip without stretching, with good access to all controls and steering inputs.


The Drifter 800 has uncluttered 805cc V-twin engine. The twin cylinders have ‘cooling fins’, but they are almost entirely for show.  This motorcycle has a simple proposition, behind the rear cylinder we can find the ignition switch and the choke knob is above the switch. The brakes, meanwhile, proved absolutely potent for a cruiser, with an exceptionally strong rear brake. It grabs really quickly and it has a really narrow range. The starting humming sound of the bike is really nice and it gets progressive after certain limit. It features a single overhead cam and a single-pin crankshaft for that classic V-twin rumble, while a gear driven balancer helps to reduce vibration. It has a low end torque; power is crisp and better throttle response.

Modern-day motorcyclists will appreciate riding the 800 Drifter as much as they’ll love its style and it looks muscular. The main features of Drifter 800 is as follows—

  • V-Twin 805cc Engine with Gear-Driven Balancer
  • Four Valves Per Cylinder
  • Liquid and Air Cooling
  • Five-Speed Transmission
  • 36mm CVK Side Draft Carburetor With K-TRIC Throttle Position Sensor
  • Double-Cradle Frame
  • Tank-Mounted Speedometer with Turn Signal Indicators and Caution Lamps
  • 41mm Front Fork
  • Disc Brakes
  • 48-Spoke Custom Wheels
  • Sleek Swingarm Design

The fenders draw most of the attraction of the bike. It is a strong rigid plastic piece covers the wheels. The front fender covers up brake caliper and much of the disc. On the other hand, the rear fender also covers the same as the front fender, but a lot more. The rear fender gives a clean hardtail look. The suspension of the bike uses a cam-type spring preload adjuster for easy settings.

The basic price of the bike starts from $7,299. The other important specifications are— Engine type is Liquid-cooled, 55-degree V-twin, Front tire is 130 90/16 Bridgestone, and Rear tire is 140 90/16 Bridgestone, Seat height is 28.9 inches, Wheelbase is 63.6 inches, Fuel mileage is 33 to 44 mpg.


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